Green Calcite Incense Holder

Green Calcite Incense Holder


Multiple Green Calcites embedded in a hand formed incense holder.

Incense Holder comes with a box of Incense! :)

Length 9.5"

Width: 3.5"

Handmade . One of A Kind . Wearable Art

All pieces are formed by hand by the artist.
These pieces are Art first, jewelry second.
These pieces are not like plastic or metal jewelry/objects, and should be handled with extra care, consideration, and LOVE.
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✩ Important Information About Adina Mills Jewelry ✩

• All Pieces are Designed by Adina and are Unique and Original Creations. Every Stone is Hand Selected. All Clay Portions are Sculpted and Painted by Adina. 

• Although the clay is Extremely Durable, it Can Still Crack Under Extreme Duress

• Remove Ring Before Showering or Bathing

• Please, Wear with Care ... Repairs are Available for a Small Fee